student art
Academic Excellence Equals Success!

High Student Achievement at Menominee Area Public Schools!

The success of every student is our number one priority at Menominee Area Public Schools. In addition to the traditional subject areas such as; mathematics, language arts (reading/writing), science, and social studies...we hold high standards and expectations for students so that they understand the importance of excellence. In the classroom we make certain the students will learn to work as a team member as well as learn to apply creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems. Our teachers ensure a safe and positive learning environment for each student. Our teachers build relationships with students so that they become self-directed learners and understand responsibility to the community and the world. At Menominee, we believe each student has different interests, distinctive talents, and a promising future. Our staff will continue to work in partnership with you and your child to provide your child with the skills to build a successful future.