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Welcome to Menominee Maroons Booster Club!

The Booster Club needs volunteers! If every parent and staff member could volunteer just once, we would be in GREAT shape. The Maroon Booster Club raises money for extras in the Athletic Program that the regular budget does not cover. See the printable volunteer form below. Return your volunteer form to the Athletic Department as soon as possible. Generally, the store is open every Monday from 2 - 4 pm (when school is in session).
Menominee Hats Menominee Hats


Available in Baseball, Twill/Wood & Mesh.

Sweaters Sweaters
Blankets and Duffle Bags Blankets and Duffle Bags


Styles & Size may vary

Duffle Bags, & Umbrellas

Poly Shirts

Styles & Sizes may vary

Coasters, Ties, Pins, Beads Coasters, Ties, Pins, Beads
menominee Maroons Jacket menominee Maroons Jacket

Old Time Football Sweater

Check for Availability of Sizes.

Maroons T-Shirts

Prices, Sizes & Styles may vary


$35 - $60 (prices, sizes & style may vary)

Menominee Maroons T-shirt
Menominee Hats Menominee Hats


Sizes & Prices may vary

Coasters, Ties, Pins, Beads Coasters, Ties, Pins, Beads
License Plates, Visors, Pens and More License Plates, Visors, Pens and More

Coasters, Ties, Pins & Beads

Show you Menominee Pride with an array of tokens. Prices subject to change.

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Interested in Volunteering or Purchasing Maroon Apparel?

Please Contact: Marye Mathieu
1-715-938-2413 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Central Elementary

1800 18th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal DeeAnne Pohlmann

Blesch Intermediate

1200 11th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal Scott Martin

Jr/Sr High School

2101 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal John Mans and Alison M Granquist